About us

We are pioneers in what we call Wild Regeneration through the application and replication of our model of Regenerative Conservation in primitive protected areas; implementing a  collaborative conservation management model between the visitor and the host that ensures the maintenance of the pristine condition of the development area. We are promoting, in Patagonia and worldwide, a new paradigm of “Active Ecotourism in Protected Areas”, innovative, regenerative, profitable and replicable “.

We facilitate the encounter between human beings and the pristine nature, in primitive protected areas of Patagonia, with the highest standards of security and experientiality, implementing a model of  “Regenerative Conservation”.

The model entails generating a conscious visitation experience of minimum impact (within the limits of acceptable change), with practices of human connection with nature, which facilitate not only the conservation of the place, but its continuous regeneration and the perpetuity of its pristine condition over time.

We belong to a group of people that finds new forms, new paths, in the most pristine and remote places.

We are tenacious doers, capable of achieving the unachievable. We see beyond the obvious in terms of the experience of connecting man with his origin.

We are artists of the remote, guardians of silence.

We carry the primitive legend encrypted in Patagonia, before human development.

We are a professional team of mountaineers / naturalists, aware that each step, in each of these primitive places, gives shape to a new possibility of future for each one of us and the entire planet.