The Company


Patagonia Huts is a Chilean Company, incorporated in the Community of Chile Chico.

Patagonia Huts strives to provide Pristine Expeditions that would deeply transform your life and Regenerate the Planet. From Northern Patagonia National Park / Jeinimeni Area to Mount San Lorenzo…and beyond!.


Operation. Meeting Your Natural Pristine Self

-Trips based on active and custom made experiences, training  you as a  Pathfinder.

-Trips are led by senior mountain guides/instructors with strong client care skills, knowledge of the terrain and weather patrons, wilderness first aid certifications, all-time satellite  communication, and straightforward procedures.


Conservation. We are Wild Regenerators:

-Operations under a long-term concession with Chilean Park Service to regenerate an old and forgotten trail as  “the Hut to Hut Smugglers’ Trail” considering dynamic control systems of use impact on trails & sites , besides flora & fauna monitoring with the highest regard of Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.


Development. Futuring the Wild:

We are Pioneers, Wild Regenerators in primitive protected areas; implementing a collaborative conservation management system to ensure the maintenance of the pristine condition of the development area. We are promoting, in Patagonia and worldwide, a new paradigm of “Active Ecotourism in Protected Areas”, innovative, regenerative, profitable and replicable.