Patagonia exerts a powerful impact on us.  It has not only great physical beauty, but also a tangible presence. This presence is due to the remoteness ad loneliness of the land,  and in part to the winds and clouds that sweep across the summits. It is a mountain region that inspires awe in all who are privileged to see it.

Mountaineering in Patagonia

Alan Kearney, March 1992



Patagonia Huts offers to “Patagonists” diverse climbing challenges from our Hut. Some of them non technical and traverses around unnamed hills, becoming anyone an accomplishment being in Patagonia, as well as an ideal opportunity for mountaineering training.

Our mountaineering programs start in Chile Chico with a safety briefing and equipment check. The second day we head to Glacier Hut, the base camp for our trip.